We constantly stress that finding visual ways to break through barriers and engage our content with customers is a must in todays technologically driven society. Communicating visually and instantaneously as a brand is more important than ever. Cinemagraphs are a great tool to add to your company's visual tool kit.

So, how can Cinemagraphs help your company get noticed and create that engagement? Well lets start by explaining what a Cinemagraph actually is.... basically a living photo. These photos use subtle looped motion in specific areas, while the remainder of the image remains static. With these minor and repetitious movements, the picture becomes an animated video. Take a look at a compilation of Cinemagraphs below to get the full idea. 

Cinemagraphs can be pretty cool! Here are some key reasons why your company should incorporate Cinemagraphs in your next visual marketing campaign.

  • COST EFFECTIVE - Video is expensive and time consuming. Cinemagraphs are inexpensive and easier to produce.

  • ATTENTION GRABBING - Cinemagraphs quickly get a reader's attention without being annoying and time consuming. Watch out they can be addictive!
  • CREATIVE AND ADAPTABLE - Cinemagraphs can breath new creative life into your existing visual campaigns.  They have the ability to be used on multi platforms, from websites, social media and mail.
  • ENGAGEMENT AND CONVERSION RATES - Cinemagraphs have a proven track record of engaging your customers which increases the chances of click through rates on marketing material leading to higher conversion rates.
  • REINFORCE BRAND IDENTITY - Using Cinemagraphs can help to reinforce a brand's story.  As they are so easily shared, a brand is likely to get increased exposure in the marketplace with minimal effort.

Add Cinemagraphs to your next visual campaign and increase your customer engagement with your content. Contact us to find out more.

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