In the simplest of terms, infographics are graphics.  Pictures used instead of text or accompanying limited text.  They portray data into a quick and easy way for our brains to process information.  Infographics can take boring data, spreadsheets, complex concepts or ideas and convert them into an interesting visual story.   

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted by your brain is visual???Also, visuals are known to improve learning and retention by 400%.  Humans may forget what they read, but they remember what they see. 

Communication is becoming increasingly visual. People have shorter attention spans due to our fast pace, ever changing, digital driven environment.  People are looking for instant gratification.  If it doesn’t interest them, they move on.  So, what does that mean to you?  Companies have limited time to get and keep a potential customer’s attention. It is key in today’s environment to have a digital marketing strategy that engages your audience and makes an impact.

Seem impossible? Well you’re in luck, infographics are a great way for your company to stand out.  Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than your text articles. Another benefit to infographics is that they can help result in higher search engine rankings leading to more traffic to your site. 

So, whether your digital marketing plan is to build awareness, inform, tell a story or even educate, infographics can help your company stand out and be noticed.

Infographic on why infographics work

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