A look into how the art is made and interesting tidbits on some of the pieces

and their origins.



I'm quite excited...  After working diligently on some new pieces which combine multiple techniques, I've decided to try and throw my hat into the artist ring.  I've recently applied to have some of my wood pieces to be in the Untapped Emerging Artist section of the Artist Project.  Wish me luck!



I'm currently working on a new installation dubbed "A Whale's Tale".  Here is a sneak peek at the first piece.



We have a great opportunity thanks to ARTRESIN.  They have sent some supplies for us to use.  I always use their resin, it is easy to work with and non-toxic!  I've had fun doing lots of experimentation out of my comfort zone, mixing ARTRESIN with various materials.  Stay tuned for the final piece.   Thank you ARTRESIN!  

Well here are 3 of the finished pieces!

This piece used some unconventional art medium.  For example, I tried different types of spray paint, rubbing alcohol & controlled burns.  The wooden cradle is 3 by 3 feet.  You can't really tell from the photo but it has a shiny lustre finish.  

A close up of some of the details in the painting.


 Here are the last 2 pieces.  They are both 1 foot squared.  What I really like about using ARTRESIN is the gorgeous shine.  I like to do photos of the paintings and sell them as prints as well.  Sometimes they are just to pretty to be just one piece!



I'm often asked what techniques and mediums I use to achieve my paintings.  Basically speaking, it's a combination of Acrylics, Alcohols, Resin and my handy blow torch.  Yes, I keep an extinguisher on hand!